(Photo above courtesy of Gizmag.)

So, we’ll start off with a little known fact: Frogs Love Weapons.  True story.  Scientific fact.

Next we move on to another, more widely known fact: Nothing good has ever come out of Australia.  Alright, we’ll give you Hugh Jackman and Kylie Minogue, but vegamite alone undoes any goodwill those two bought you.

Now imagine our surprise when we were trolling the Frog Only section of Reddit today (/Rebbit, of course) and came across this little ditty, straight out of the outback. We assume, of course, that Sydney is part of the outback but geography is not our strong suit.  Take a look at the video below:

Unified Weapons Master or UWM is a company out of Sydney that has developed a suit of armor that allows for full contact weapons fighting.  So two people can stand toe-to-toe and hit each other with swords, staffs, or frying pans and never be hurt.  If you haven’t yet, go back and watch the video.  If you have, watch it again.  It’s AMAZING and, we think, soon to be a part of most pre-K education.


UWM was founded by David Pysden, Justin Forsell and Samantha English.  The trio had almost as much experience in the fighting arts as they did in the business world.  We’re not sure if that makes them more likely to kill than most US business people or just more open about it. Justin first had the idea for a global competition in 1998 while training in Krabi Krabong, a weapons-based martial art out of Thailand, at the Buddhai Swan Sword Fencing Institute in Bangkok. The Institute’s founder, Por Kru, had established the school to pass on the art of Krabi Krabong to his students. Justin wanted to create a forum where they could be showcased for the world. Certainly, the VERY lucrative world of mixed martial arts probably played a hand in the later formation of UWM.

Soon after UWM was created, the founders brought together a team of scientists, doctors and martial artists to begin creating what would later be known as the Lorica.  Named after “lorica segmentata,” the traditional armor worn by Roman foot soldiers, the Lorica bears little resemblance to its namesake.  Here’s frequent Frog contributor Dan Forcey demonstrating that:


(We’re glad that’s cut off at the waist, because he doesn’t have the legs to pull off that look.)

Luckily, UWM’s Lorica wearers don’t have to worry about that.  The full-body suit offers protection across the body.  It also has built in sensors to record placement and force of each hit as well as monitoring the wearers vital signs.  PLUS, it has a built-in climate control system and head camera so that viewers can get a first-person view of the action.  Check out UWM’s website here or follow them on Twitter here.  And click below to view their Indiegogo campaign.  And PLEASE contribute if you, like us, will be the first ones in the seats in 2016, when the first events are scheduled to be held.

Until next time, Froggies.  We’ll be in the ring, awaiting our chance to swing a sword at someone’s head and NOT kill them (this time).