In looking for the overlooked, as we are wont to do, it’s tricky to pinpoint what exactly makes someone stand out from the rest and how they achieve that certain je ne sais quoi. It’s a magic moment when you stumble upon something or someone who has it. Sparks fly. Stallions dance in the morning dew. We’re like yeah, make THAT my homepage. As it would be beyond selfish to keep these treasures to ourselves, we are proud to introduce some of our favorite up-and-coming tastemakers in this coast-to-coast look at who’s who in the world of style.

The Visualante – Los Angeles

VisualanteRicky Middlesworth (who has been featured several times on the Frog for his fantastic photography) and his fiancé Ben Azarraga (who works as an art director / web designer & developer) recently launched The Visualante. This stunning new website features “everything from geek-chic fashion, recipes, places we visit, and DIY projects… anything that helps make life that much cooler.” To which we say: Awesome 🙂 We already know that Ricky has an incredible eye for all things visually pleasing, but we were delighted to learn that he and Ben are taking the time to help us all be more aesthetically and stylistically fantastic. Their articles feature things like fashion inspired by Star Wars, an easy DIY way to save big bucks on a tiny t-rex display, and a delicious recipe for paleo berry crumble (in case you’re wondering how these boys keep such rocking’ bods – yes, I’m objectifying them). And of course each piece is accompanied by effortlessly perfect photographs that make you believe a beautiful life is finally within reach. I guess that’s what happens when two gorgeous people with impeccable taste get together to share the things that they love. (If you’re ever lucky enough to step foot in their apartment, get ready to go ga-ga.) In the meantime you’ll have to settle for the tidbits they share on The Visualante. Looking forward to seeing more from these two!

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Naked City Style – New York City

Naked City StyleAnna J. Martinez is the walking definition of eclectic beauty. She spent her twenties collecting fashion pieces and life experiences from across the country and around the world. She freelances in social media and marketing for some of NYC’s top up-and-coming designers. She currently lives in a gorgeous brownstone in Brooklyn. While her lifestyle may seem to fall into that brand of chic that’s only reserved for the Rich Kids of Instagram (Google it if you want to gag), Anna is just the opposite. She’s driven by the stories she’s heard, the people she’s met, the culture / music / art / clothing that she’s encountered in her travels and day-to-day on the streets of New York. Her style is whimsical and delightful, playing comfortably in everyday accessible and jumping easily to the peaks of high couture. Imagine a young, gorgeous female version of Anthony Bourdain with better fashion sense who will gladly be the one to sleep in the motel bathtub on an impromptu road trip with no plan and no money. (For personal reference, this Frogger once got picked up by the police boat for swimming to a private island with this lady. We also performed full-body puppet parades at the Phish Festival and met Page McConnell on a golf cart, but those are stories for another time.) Anna is an original wild child, before it was Coachella du jour, who can still hold her own in the throngs at New York Fashion Week. She has been featured in Accessories Magazine and Bohemian Collective. Her site is Naked City Style: 8 Million Stories, “born of a desire to celebrate the people, places and projects that define style.” She will take you from the rocky beaches in Maine, to the deserts of Las Vegas, to the New York Burlesque Festival and we simply can’t wait to see where she goes next.

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naked city style

Lost Girls Vintage – Chicago

lost girls vintage

Sarah Azzouzi and Kyla Embrey bonded over their love of vintage clothing. After tossing out the idea of opening another vintage boutique, these crafty ladies took concepts of “mobility” and “pop-up” that work so well for the food industry and applied them to fashion. They bought an old 1976 Dodge Sportsman RV on Craigslist in 2013, filled it with their tastefully curated collection of vintage clothing and accessories and hit the road. Since then, they’ve been written up in Chicago Magazine, Refinery29, and were recently featured on the cover of Red Eye Chicago. We spoke with co-founder Sarah Azzouzi about what this winter has in store for LGV and it sounds exciting, if a bit mysterious…

We’re launching a fragrance line inspired by our travels and adventures cross country. We have a couple other projects in the works like a women’s retreat with Freehand Chicago and a few other collaborations but we don’t want to give too much away. Lots of pipe dreams in the works!

If you’re lucky enough to be in Chi-Town be sure to track these ladies down. They’ve now expanded to two trucks full of exceptionally cultivated vintage treasures and they have a “permanent pop-up” at Modern Cooperative.

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lost girls vintage

Stay true to yourself and your style will follow! (Or just keep an eye on these guys and they’ll show you the way…)