Today’s tadpole of inspiration comes from friend of the frog, Kristina Hayes, who appears in the upcoming Chestnut Casting. When Kristina isn’t acting, she follows a somewhat unconventional, and truly inspirational passion that stems from her background in ballroom dance.

When she first signed up to teach dance to the elderly, Kristina had no idea what was in store. In fact, she hadn’t even heard of “chair dancing” until she showed up and read her name on a flyer advertising such, so she improvised. Many of her students move a little slower than they used to, some cannot walk at all, and others have had a stroke or suffer from dementia, but when you watch them dance you realize how it really comes down to just moving your body and enjoying the music. That’s it. Just a moment of happiness.

In the short documentary, Kristina introduces us to the world of dancing for the elderly, where students can be seen waltzing with a lifetime partner, doing the cha-cha in their chair, or just peacefully observing the music and movement. The physical benefits of dance are many, but the emotional benefits are just as strong. Kristina’s students share their stories of why dance is important to them, how it has played a role throughout their lives, and how it makes them feel to move to the music. Some of the gentlemen speculate about what it might have been like to dance with Kristina in their younger days. Others offer her a comb. And as Kristina says, there’s nothing like the opinion of a person who has been on this planet like five times as long as you. We dare you not to shed a tear.

Keep on dancing, Froggies!




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