It’s Monday again?! Seems like they’re happening every week now! Of course that means, as promised, I See the Frog is bringing you another #MVM – Music Video Monday. This time we’ve got an Oingo Boingo tune, the theme song from the original motion picture soundtrack of Weird Science (not to be confused with the double-wide 6-minute version on Oingo Boingo’s own Dead Man’s Party album).

You may have noticed a lot of talk around the interweb lately about the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club. Sure, we love that film; not only is it iconic, it could be considered THE quintessential ’80s film. We would never argue with that. But has everyone forgotten that this is also the 30th anniversary of Weird Science, another John Hughes masterpiece?! What might easily have been a throwaway raunchy teen comedy has stood the test of time to become a certified classic, even inspiring a spinoff TV series. Let us put it in context for those of you born after 1990…

In the ’80s, John Hughes and the Brat Pack dominated movie theaters just as much as the Marvel Cinematic Universe does today. Films like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off had a collective voice and all seemed to be part of the same world, even if they didn’t share a consistent canon. So Molly Ringwald was sort of like Tony Stark and The Breakfast Club was The Avengers. Which kind of makes Weird Science the Guardians of the Galaxy of that universe. And Ant Man is… Fresh Horses? No, Fresh Horses is definitely Iron Man 3. And Ferris Bueller is Loki, with Cameron/Thor trying to keep him in check… right? IDK, what do you guys think? Someone should make a chart.

Compared to other movies in its “franchise,” Weird Science was just that: weird. It was far out and zany, with a science-fiction bent, but it nevertheless perfectly captured the life, times, attitudes and interests of its target teen audience. Among many great things to come out of this bizarre film was the fantastic and unique theme song by Oingo Boingo.

Interestingly, this was right around the same time that Boingo frontman Danny Elfman began his long collaboration with Tim Burton, on the score of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. That project was a first for both of them: It was Burton’s feature directorial debut and the beginning of Elfman’s transition to film composition, not counting his own Warhol-esque 1980 feature, Forbidden Zone. Elfman would soon be on a whole new career path, composing for dozens of movies including Spider-Man (perhaps the Marvel-era equivalent to the Brat-Pack-era’s Pee Wee? Discuss!). It’s clear from watching this video that Elfman and Burton shared an affinity for the old Universal horror films, especially Frankenstein, which is the thematic basis for Weird Science as well as much of Burton’s work (see FrankenweenieEdward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride to name just a few). This almost begs the question whether this song and video had any part in bringing those two eccentric geniuses together.

Also noteworthy in Weird Science is some prime scene-stealing by scene-stealer deluxe and future Iron Man Robert Downey Jr, along with his second banana (or first?), Whatsisnuts from Freddy’s Revenge. But the award for Funniest Camera Hog goes to Bill Paxton as Chet, the greatest Sadistic Older Brother archetype in the history of cinema. Really, we dare you to come up with a better one. Which brings up another reason why Weird Science is just as laudable as The Breakfast Club: While John Hughes was known for creating authentic teenage characters in his dramas, the same can be said of his comedies. Aside from being smart, insightful and self-aware, Hughes’ teens could also be accurately and hilariously immature, spouting memorable lines like “Maybe the girls are lookin’ for a long, lean bone job from me,” or when trying to make a younger kid vomit, “How about a nice, greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?”

Oh, and then there’s KELLY LEBROCK.

One last fun fact for a few extra degrees of Kevin Bacon (because you know we love to connect things). Remember in last week’s #MVM, when Phil Collins battled diesel punks on the open road, a la Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior? Well, the dude pictured below is Vernon Wells, and he actually IS the bad guy in Road Warrior… a role he reprised for a cameo in — you guessed it — Weird Science. Vernon Wells also played the heavy opposite Ahnold in Commando, and against Martin Short and Dennis Quaid in Innerspace. Not a bad resume.


Happy #MVM, froggies!




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