Let’s start this Track Down Tuesday off right:

That was the title song for the 1985 classic by John Hughes, Weird Science, as sung by Oingo Boingo.  Hard to say which has had more staying power, the theme song or the film.  Both are classics in our little amphibian brain and hold a special place in our heart.  You can’t help but sing along to Boingo and you can’t help but root for the lovable losers, Gary and Wyatt.  Yes, we spent our formative years with bras on our heads and dreams of conjuring Kelly LeBrock in leg warmers in our minds. You, like us, have probably spent every waking moment of the three decades since this masterpiece was released wondering what became of these paragons of cinema.  Well, the Frog is here to answer your long-unanswered questions with this week’s Track Down Tuesday: the cast of Weird Science.

Weird Science – Gary

Weird Science

Anthony Michael Hall as Gary Wallace

Anthony Michael Hall probably had the biggest Starmeter rating (if it had existed in 1985) going into Weird Science and has probably done the best to maintain that after.  He has continued to work quite steadily since then, from smaller parts in films like The Dark Knight and Foxcatcher to leading man roles in The Dead Zone and Aftermath.  His face can even be seen in this weekend’s revamp/sequel/reboot/something of Vacation but the role of Rusty Griswold is being played by some guy named Ed Helms. Gary may be a fading memory but Anthony is never far from our TV screens.

Weird Science – Wyatt

Weird Science

Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Wyatt Donnelly

Wyatt was played by former ballet dancer, Ilan Mitchll-Smith.  Before Weird Science and post-ballet, Ilan starred in Sydney Lumet’s Daniel as well as The Wild Life opposite Chris Penn and Eric Stoltz.  After Weird Science he continued to act for a little while but eventually gave up Hollywood and went back to school in 1991. Ilan received his BA in Medieval Studies from UC Davis, his MA in Medieval Studies from Fordham University and his doctoral degree from Texas A&M University in 2005. He currently teaches Medieval Studies in the English department at California State University, Long Beach. Ilan is an avid RPG gamer and even writes modules for various games.  You can see what he is up to via his fairly active Twitter feed HERE.  He seems to have a great attitude about his days as Wyatt, even describing himself as “the other kid from Weird Science”.

Weird Science – Lisa

Weird Science

Kelly LeBrock as Lisa

Kelly LeBrock was a model living in New York when she was cast in The Woman in Red opposite Gene Wilder, although it probably didn’t hurt that she was married to that film’s producer, Victor Drai, at the time.  Her follow up to that role was as the girl created from a computer, Lisa, in Weird Science.  After her life as Lisa, she divorced Drai and soon married 80’s action star, Steven Seagal.  The duo were married for 9 years (and did one movie together) and had three children before their divorce in 1996.  LeBrock continues to act here and there, but her main focus these days is her children that she is raising on a California ranch and her advocacy for alternative medicines.  She has actually spoken to Congress several times to lobby for alternative medicine, but Congress was too distracted getting her to sign the above photo to really listen.  You can follow her on Twitter HERE these days or HERE, where she also shares her expertise on building a healthy diet.

Weird Science – Ian

Weird Science

Robert Downey as Ian

Nobody is really sure what became of Robert Downey.  Extensive Google searches, 7 private eyes and various milk carton postings only reveal news on that guy (Robert Downey, Jr. whom we assume is his son) from the Avengers.  Wherever you are, Rob, we wish you the best.

So, without further Ado, we give you the cast of Weird Science today:

Weird Science

Anthony Michael Hall Today

Weird Science

Ilan Mitchell-Smith Today

Weird Science

Kelly LeBrock Today

Weird Science

Robert Downey Today

That’s it for today, Froggies.  Drop us a line in the comments below or on Twitter if you have anybody you’d like to see on a future installment of Track Down Tuesday.