If you’ve watched any TV in the last month, chances are you’ve seen ^^this face^^ in approximately 4000 commercials (give or take 3994). Friend of the Frog Jeff Wiens is tearing up the airwaves, getting you to buy Best Buy and getting you to eat eggs with Kevin Bacon. Because of course he is, he’s a one-man acting assault squad with primo performance chops.

But Wiens is WAY more than just a pretty spokesface for corporate America. What a waste it would be to bottle that talent for the sole purpose of selling bottles! That’s why, when the fine folks at Drama 3/4 caught wind of a Lethal Weapon TV series in the works, they thought, “Why not Jeff Wiens… TO PLAY BOTH PARTS?!” Watch his magnificent audition piece and see if you agree!

What do you think, Froggies? Does Mr. Wiens have what it takes to make the Lethal Weapon reboot the greatest reboot in rebooting history? We certainly think so. We also think Mel Gibson and Danny Glover should be grateful that Jeff was only 13 when the original movie was being cast, or he would have put them both out on their action-packed asses.

Hungry for even more Jeff Wiens? Allow us to Throwback Thursday to his stellar guest spot on I Hate My 30’s, playing sleazeball shockjock radio DJ Reggie Burger. Bon appétit!