How can you not LOVE Will Ferrell?

The Frog has to shine a light on a certain SNL Veteran (and USC Trojan alumni) Will Ferrell. Movie star. Comedian. Pitcher?

Yes, it’s true. Will Ferrell took to the mound in Dodger Blue to help a good cause. And to put a smile on all the baseball fans out there in the world.

Thanks to some excellent coverage from MLB, here’s a quick rundown of Ferrell’s cause:

Will Ferrell made baseball history in Arizona on Thursday. He not only played every position on the field, but he did it while suiting up for 10 teams. Take that, Joel Youngblood, the only Major Leaguer to get hits for two teams in a single day in 1982. Not so special now, huh?

In camp as part of a new HBO special from Funny Or Die in partnership with Major League Baseball to support the fight against cancer, Ferrell traveled to five Cactus League stadiums by van and helicopter throughout the day.

As you can see from the above video, Will Ferrell took to the mound as part of a spring training game between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Fittingly, Will Ferrell was booed by the Dodger faithful – I mean, wouldn’t you boo if you saw the prolific actor suit up in your rivals colors?

And as a part of his promotion and partnership with MLB and Funny or Die, fictional 2014 stats were placed on the scoreboard at Peoria Stadium in Arizona. Including his 0.00 ERA.

After one pitch  with the Dodgers, the crowd shared some more boos when Mattingly came to the mound to take Ferrell out of the game.

“He told me he wanted to keep going, but I was like, ‘You’ve got to go,'” Mattingly said. “He told me he’s a ground-ball pitcher.”

Ferrell didn’t just keep it at pitcher either. He hit a lot of positions on the field including outfield, catching and an infield position – a whole tour through the “Cactus League.” All in all he “played” for ten teams for the cause.

After his “tantrum” upon Mattingly’s arrival at the mound, he did some tip-toeing at the third-base foul line before getting to the dugout, where he chatted with pitching coach Rick Honeycutt before sharing a moment and posing for a photo with Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda.


We here at I See the Frog want to thank Will Ferrell for making everyone smile. A good cause that shows us all that America’s Past Time is as strong as ever.

And for the full coverage of Will Ferrell’s stop to all TEN TEAMS in the major’s be sure and give this here link a CLICK.

Play ball, froggies!




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